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Reflexology is a gentle, natural therapy that supports physical and emotional wellbeing. There are reflex points on the feet, face and hands that correspond to the rest of the body, and by stimulating these the process of reflexology can help to eliminate blockages, create a deep state of relaxation and help you to feel rebalanced, grounded and calm. Reflexology can help to release emotions that are being stored deep within the body and mind, and each reflex point has an emotional connection too.

Before each treatment, I always have a chat with my clients so I can tailor the treatment to best suit their needs, and discuss any areas that may need extra attention. We always have a chat at the end of each session so I can explain any areas that may have felt out of balance and help clients with holistic ways to support their health and lifestyle.

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Reflexology is widely used to support natural or assisted conception, and can help with balancing hormones, regulating periods and ovulation, and reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Once clients become pregnant, maternity reflexology is a lovely, nurturing treatment which can help to ease any pregnancy related conditions, allow some uninterrupted time for expectant mothers to relax and connect with baby, and prepare the body for birth.

Postnatally, reflexology is a great opportunity for new parents to allow themselves some much needed TLC, while helping the body return to its pre-pregnant state and supporting emotional wellbeing.

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Facial Reflexology works in the same way as foot reflexology by stimulating reflex points on the face that correspond to the rest of the body. A lovely blend of reflexology techniques, massage and crystal work help to eliminate tension in the face, head and neck and my organic Frankincense oil leaves clients with a glowing complexion. For ultimate indulgence, try the combined foot and facial reflexology treatment to experience the unique benefits of both and feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.



I'm passionate about empowering expectant parents so they are able to have the most positive birth experience possible, while ensuring a lasting impact so they feel excited, calm and in control as they enter the world of parenthood.

I became a hypnobirthing instructor after experiencing how powerful it can be first hand. Hypnobirthing is a philosophy,  a mindset and a lifestyle choice - to help you to tune in to the most primal part of yourself. Hypnobirthing will give you the knowledge and confidence to make the birth choices that are right for you and your baby.

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After three years of trying to conceive and no luck, I started having reflexology. Lisa was super supportive; going above and beyond her work by researching other ways I could boost my fertility. Amazingly, the treatment worked and I'm now a mummy to a gorgeous little boy." Laura

"Lisa is the perfect blend of knowledgeable, kind and down-to-earth. She genuinely seemed to want us to have a positive birth experience and you can tell she’s really passionate about hypnobirthing. We both learnt a lot and really appreciated how the course brought us together as a couple." Kathryn

"Thank you for my amazing treatment. It's been the only relief I've had from sciatic pain throughout my whole pregnancy!" Danica

Lisa understands so well how to interact and focus on the customer. She explained everything carefully and really encouraged me to think about my body and lifestyle to encourage calm and wellbeing. She has a lovely treatment room everything was so comfortable and during the treatment I felt so relaxed, almost trance like. I highly recommend her - try it out!" Helen

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