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Please note that an additional charge applies for mobile treatments.



This reflexology treatment is completely bespoke depending on the client's needs. Reflexology creates a deep sense of relaxation, while stimulating natural healing using reflex points on the feet. It can help with treating a variety of physical and emotional conditions, and you will leave feeling lighter and with an overall feeling of calm.
£50 I 1 hr


A deeply relaxing treatment, facial reflexology works by stimulating reflex points on the face to promote a greater sense of wellbeing. Organic frankincense oil is used during the treatment which aids relaxation and leaves the skin hydrated and glowing. Facial reflexology helps to release tension held in the face while toning the muscles and supporting natural healing.
£50 I 1 hr


Treat yourself to some serious 'me time' with foot and facial reflexology. The treatment begins by gently stimulating reflex points on the face using a combination of reflexology and massage techniques, before moving onto the feet for a full foot reflexology treatment. Get ready to float away with this wonderfully relaxing treatment.

£75 I 1hr 15 mins


This unique treatment, known as the 'spiritual face lift', is designed to leave you glowing and feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. A luxurious treatment which includes massage and sculpting techniques using healing crystals and a natural elixir made from white poppy seed oil. Zone face lift is a deeply restorative experience which naturally stimulates collagen, tightens and plumps skin and helps to release emotions held in the face. Be prepared to leave with glowing skin and have your mind and spirit lifted.£100 I 1 hr 30 mins