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Reflexology is one piece of the holistic pie

As a reflexologist, I'm often speaking to my clients about having an holistic approach to their health. This means considering your lifestyle as a whole, rather than thinking about a particular health issue in isolation. It’s more of an approach to life, and includes our environment, diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing as well as physical. For example, if you are suffering from headaches, think about whether you're feeling stressed, whether you've been drinking enough water lately and even something as simple as whether you're getting enough fresh air. Any of these factors could be adding to the problem. A good reflexologist can help to ease your symptoms but it’s always important to think about the root cause and how adjusting your lifestyle might help.

The aim of holistic living is to achieve maximum wellness, and even for someone who considers themselves to be fit and healthy, it is likely that there is still room for improvement.

In order to reach your optimum, each system in the body and your mind should be working together in harmony - and if one part is not functioning properly then the other parts are likely to be affected too.

The core principles are fairly simple. Keep your lifestyle as pure as possible when choosing skincare and lifestyle products and by eating organically (I recommend Suneeta Cosmetics for organic skincare products that smell and feel amazing). Any chemicals that we apply to our skin or ingest put a direct strain on our liver and reduces its ability to metabolise hormones. Drink plenty of water – approximately two litres a day to flush out toxins and keep the body functioning well. Take daily exercise, not overlooking the benefits of a brisk walk or using the stairs instead of a lift. And lastly, make sure you take time out for self-care. Often, we become guilty of putting ourselves at the bottom of the pecking order and getting caught up in our day to day lives until we become stressed and burn out. Meditation, yoga, a hot bath, reading and alternative therapies are all effective ways of calming the mind and promoting relaxation (remember that stress is the cause of 75 percent of all illnesses).

I sometimes lose sight of this myself when work is busy and I'm trying to juggle being a mum, spending time with my partner and seeing friends. I can end up 'burning the candle at both ends' and I find myself feeling exhausted and stressed, not making time for myself and reaching for a chocolate bar or a glass of wine (which are fine in moderation of course). But as soon as I catch myself feeling a bit overwhelmed and forgetting to look after myself, I try to stop and take a breath, spend a few minutes focusing inwards and plan something that is just for me. I did this last week when I tried out a new yoga class and treated my own feet to some reflexology which helped me to take some time to reset. As therapists, we need to practice what we preach.

If you'd like a reflexology treatment to help put you on the path to a more holistic way of life, give me a call or drop me a message to book an appointment.

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