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Why chemical nasties in skin care are a big no no

I recently became a consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies. I'd been using Neal's Yard products during my reflexology treatments and in my treatment room, and more recently in my home and as part of my own skincare routine. As reflexologists, we believe in keeping our diet and lifestyles as pure as possible, which means avoiding pesticides that are used in farming produce and harsh chemicals which are found in many household and skincare products. The reason for this is simple; the more chemicals that find their way into our bodies, the harder our organs have to work to break them down to eliminate them from the body.

I recently read that the average woman will introduce 175 different chemicals to her skin every day! The majority of which end up in the blood stream and cause a build up of toxins in the body. By avoiding these chemicals in the first place, it gives your body a much better chance of being able to operate at its optimum level, leaving you with a greater feeling of wellbeing and reducing the risk of ill health and disease. Take sodium lauryl sulfate for example, also known as 'SLS'. This is the ingredient that makes products 'foam' and is often found in face washes, handwashes, bubble bath and shower gels. But what it actually does is strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated - far from soft and moisturised which is often the claim made on the packaging. And what about aluminium and petroleum based ingredients which often find their way into many deodorants that can be found on our local high street. These products are applied directly to our skin and the ingredients end up passing through the skin barrier - ingredients which have been suggested could be linked to some forms of cancer. I certainly won't be taking that risk any more and for the last couple of years have been using 100 percent natural deodorants, which still help to keep me fresh without any risk attached. 


Neal's Yard Remedies is committed to clean, green, natural and organic products that are free from nasty chemicals such as parabens and synthetic colours and fragrances. Using natural and organic skincare provides your skin with the purest form of the ingredient on the market and will be naturally scented - so a rose scented face cream will be made using real rose water for example, never an imitation product. Not only this, but the company really does set the bar in terms of it's ethical ethos, ensuring fair treatment of everyone in its supply chain and care towards the environment. 

Yes I'm selling these products, but I see it as 'people helping people'. There is not enough awareness out there about the chemical nasties in so many every day products that we apply liberally to our skin without a second thought. So this is me trying to spread the word. If you'd like to try some of these lovely products, pop along to my treatment room to try out some samples or email me to place an order - click this link to browse all of the products available

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