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While I offer reflexology to help with all ailments, I specialise in fertility and pregnancy reflexology having completed advanced training in this area. It is also a passion of mine as reflexology helped me personally while on my own pregnancy journey.

Reflexology can help with conception as it reduces stress and tension in the body, which can be very detrimental when trying to fall pregnant. It also helps to rebalance hormone levels and can stimulate our reproductive organs and ensure that they are in sync with one another. I always treat each client holistically, so will find out as much as possible about their lifestyle to be able to offer the best support I can. Treatments are tailored depending on which stage of their menstrual cycle a client is in to adapt to the needs of the body. Reflexology can also be used to support clients alongside IVF treatment.

Once a client becomes pregnant, reflexology can be incredibly effective at reducing discomfort caused by pregnancy related ailments, such as digestive issues and a sore spine, and is also great for preparing the body for birth. I treat all the way through pregnancy, and can offer support if the client becomes overdue. However, it's important to remember that the body needs to get used to the therapy and have time to respond, so it's best to have a few treatments in the lead up to your due date rather than waiting until you are overdue before having a treatment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how reflexology might be able to support you. 

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